3mm Perspex

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3mm Perspex

See More About:    Clear 3mm        Perspex 3mm        3mm Clear        
Laser cutting 3mm Perspex

Types of Perspex Art for icons and other arts

The best Perspex Art can be easily witnessed in the White and Simple designed Acrylic Shoe display. This one comes with an attractive Logo printing and accompanied are the Acrylic shoe rack with a Perspex shoe Holder. The material which is used over here is the White Acrylic with few logo printings on it. The Dimensions takes the size of 250x145x45. It is hall marked for its competitive price and offers the best of services. It further promises a high quality product. The Logo printing is splendid and is deeply engraved. It is offered in OEM and ODM. The colors can be customized as per the customer’s choices and tastes.

The next glimpse of Perspex Art is seen at the wall hangings. These are rectangular Perspex Logo printed ones, just the ideal gift for a business. The material used over here is Acrylic and is 100% a clear acrylic sheet. The edges are carefully polished with trendy logos. The fabulous and excellent printing clearly shows the cutting edge of the craftsmen. The logo board is given the SGS and has cleared the non toxic test. These are available in 3 combinations of green- transparent, white- purple and black- frosted. The Nautical style has been provided to this wall hanging.

The Acrylic Trophy is one other thing wherein the work of the Perspex Art can be discovered. The material used for this trophy is plastic. It is a perfect example of an art collection. The Acrylic trophy also comes with a logo printing. The Lucite trophy is made up of a clear and red Acrylic. This is available at a fair price and it is rich in its quality. The color, size and shape of the trophy can be made as per the requirements of the customers and the other merit of this trophy is that the customers can customize the design and pattern for the same. It can silk screen print or laser engrave on the self logos.

The acrylic cosmetic box, a woman’s favorite is the perfect item holder. And if it’s given the Perspex Art touch, then it is demanded just like the hot cakes. It is made up of plastic and the exclusive feature of this cosmetic box is that it is Recyclable. It is a perfect gift or it can be a collection to your craft work. The item holder comes with a Perspex display. It is made available in any color, design and size. In fact, even you can design the box for yourself, and the logo imprinting option also lies in your hands.

The Color printing Perspex Logo and sign board showcases the Perspex Art. The material used for this sign board is Acrylic and can be used as a business gift. This Nautical style sign board is available in different sizes and in attractive designs. The prices are too reasonable, and it is in great demand. The customers can design the logo and state the desired color. The Acrylic signs come with a flame polished edge which is mounted over a polished steel mount. It can be placed on a wall to present a graphic at the corridor or the entrance. It can be used as an ideal way to advertise your company.

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