3mm White

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3mm White


Frequently Asked Questions...

Internet explorer 6 being annoying?

Can anyone help out with internet explorer 6 it finds its own way of how things need to be displayed My problem is this Im trying to make my site browser compatible so far internet explorer 8 firefox and google chrome are all fine but internet explorer 6 displays it wrong. I have about a 3mm white gap i cant get rid of.

Basically I have a paragraph with a 3px border right and left not top or bottom i have two images top and bottom the border seals the gap between the images to create like a window with text inside.

Right but in ie 6 there is no gap on the bottom but on the top there is a 3mm gap I can't get rid of I've tried negative padding as well as position but it doesn't move. I know ie6 is out dated but a good percent of people haven't upgraded just trying to cover the browser. Any one know how to solve this

by the way i've checked the images there is no white spacing on the bottom or top.

Best Answer...


You can go ahead with 2 options.

Option 1: create css files and link them in your web page, one for ie6 , one for ie8 and one for chrome. Check the browser type by using java script and use the css file required alone for that particular browser.

Option 2: Use CSS hacks for IE 6, for more information do google on it.


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