Acrylic 297mm

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Acrylic 297mm

Getting Rid Of Rust From Acrylic Bathtubs

Many homes today have an acrylic bathtub installed. And there are a number of reasons they are popular. Because these bathtubs are affordable and versatile, it is quite easy for dealers and manufacturers to find people to sell them to. But because of the lightweight designs, these bathtubs are also the most susceptible to rust which is a very common problem with these kinds of bathtubs, truth be told. And just so you know, rust when not treated right away and correctly, can cause serious damage to acrylic bathtubs. So if you notice some rust forming in your acrylic bathtub, there are a few rust removal tips you can look into. One of the things you can do is buy products you can use to get rid of the rust forming in the bathtub. While bleach is effective at removing rust stains, you should never use it on your acrylic bathtub because it destroys the surface of the bathtub. Instead, use stain removal products that can be used on different surfaces.

You can also use lemon juice to remove light rust stains, although it is best to buy rust removers with calcium in it as they would not damage the bathtub's acrylic surface. For tougher rust stains however, you can use abrasive powder stain removers that scrub away rust stains effectively. There are also people that use salt to scrub away rust stains from their acrylic corner tubs. However, just don't go and scrub away at your bathtubs. Use the mildest of these stain removers first, moving up to the abrasive powder cleaners. Start working on the bathtub by scrubbing lemon juice mixed with table salt using a soft cleaning cloth. If this doesn't work, you can move on to the abrasive powdered stain removers, but you need to use them sparingly, carefully following package instructions to avoid damaging your bathtub.

You also need to learn about proper techniques when you are scrubbing the surface of your acrylic bathtub. Wipe the acrylic bathtub's surface in a circular motion regardless if you are using abrasive powdered cleaners or milder cleaning solutions. You can check out online dealers such as Carver Tubs to get helpful advice and tips on maintaining these acrylic bathtubs. Learning about these tips is important because you would want your acrylic bathtub to last a long time. Considering the difficult economic environment nowadays, it just isn't practical to buy yourself a brand new bathtub because you destroyed the one you have at home while scrubbing away a rust stain using a pumice stone.
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