Acrylic 420

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Acrylic 420

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acrylic nail tutorial ft pink purple and blue glitter

Rusted Acrylic Bathtubs? Learn How You Can Salvage Them

Today, you will find it difficult to come across homes that does not have an acrylic bathtub installed. And there are in fact a number of reasons these bathtubs have grown very popular these days. Since these bathtubs are affordable and highly versatile, it's easy for manufacturers and dealers to sell them. Because of their lightweight materials, they are also the most susceptible to water stains and rust, a common problem in these types of bathtubs, in fact. And if you do not treat rust right away and do it correctly, it can cause some serious damage to your acrylic bathtubs. There are a few important rust removal tips you can look into before buying a new bathtub. One of the things you can do is buy products you can use to get rid of the rust forming in the bathtub. Bleach, just so you know, is not one of them since it damages the surface of the bathtub, although it CAN remove rust stains. Instead, use stain removal products that can be used on different surfaces.

There are also those that use lemon juice for light rust stains while most choose rust removers with calcium since it doesn't damage the acrylic surface of the bathtub. If you need to remove tougher stains however, you can use abrasive powder stain removers to scrub away the rust stain. There are those who use regular table salt to scrub away rust from their acrylic corner tubs. But don't just go and scrub away at your bathtubs, mind you. It is important to use the mildest of these stain removers first, going up the ladder to more abrasive powder cleaners. Start working on the bathtub by scrubbing lemon juice mixed with table salt using a soft cleaning cloth. If this doesn't work, you can move on to the abrasive powdered stain removers, but you need to use them sparingly, carefully following package instructions to avoid damaging your bathtub.

You also need to take note of cleaning techniques you should use to avoid damaging the acrylic surface of the bathtub. Regardless if you are using mild cleaning products or the abrasive powdered cleaners, wipe the surface in a circular motion. You can check out online dealers such as Carver Tubs to get helpful advice and tips on maintaining these acrylic bathtubs. Learning about these tips is important because you would want your acrylic bathtub to last a long time. After all, it isn't very practical to buy a brand new bathtub after a few months because you destroyed the one you have when you tried scrubbing a rust stain away using a pumice stone.
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