Acrylic Pipe

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Acrylic Pipe


Frequently Asked Questions...

Pipe Flange Measurements?

I'm looking for CPVC Pipe Flanges for acrylic pipe with an inner diameter of 10" and a wall thickness of 0.25".

On this site it says they have 10" CPVC Flanges, but what does the 10" refer to? Is it the ID of the pipe or the OD of the flange, or what?

Best Answer...


Your link is saying that it is a blind flange.

Blind flange is a blank totally restricting the flow.

However, you can use the flange by machining as per your requirement.But is a costly affair.

Better click on following link:

It is a soc flange and as per the picture shown ,flange is having a ID that will fit to the OD of the flange.

Look more at:

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