Black Perspex

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Black Perspex

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Ugly women and men facing the issue of beauty

From ugliness to beauty – nothing can be more representative than examples. If you look it up on the Internet, you'll see just how difficult it is for people to reach that artificial billboard look. It takes an immense number of people around you and a great amount of work to get to the point of looking perfect.

Are ugly women an issue? No problem about it. With today's modern technology, terms like "ugly" and "beautiful" lose their meanings. Let's take a random example. We have a model of no extraordinary beauty: imperfect skin, harsh features – definitely not your billboard type. Within a few hours, a series of make-up tricks help experts enhance her appearance. It starts by concealing any imperfections of the skin, as well as correcting any flaws related to her facial traits (plenty of foundation). Next, her eyes are highlighted in order to make them appear bigger. Then follows a spectacular hairdo, of course, and voila. However, even though anyone would already be looking pretty good by now, there's always room for a bit of exaggeration. So the image is altered in Photoshop: bigger eyes, plump lips and a longer neck. The following day, she's already on dozens of billboards.

Nobody's saying that companies are using ugly women and ugly men for photo shoots (although you never really know). Still, the same technology, when taken to extreme, can do wonders.

But then again, what use is there in modifying a simple photo, when it can't modify your real appearance? At the end of the day, people find themselves as bearers of some of the most painful and absurd processes in order to pass from the status of ugly men or ugly women to that beautiful individuals.

Recently, there has been a lot of fuss around unattainable beauty standards imposed by beauty pageants, magazines and TV-shows. Apparently, not only do these kinds of over-promoted stereotypes affect American girls and their self-confidence, but certain ethnic problems have entered discussion. First, there is the tendency of black girls to straighten their naturally curled hair and adopt a whitish fashion. Taking such issues too far is quite dangerous, concerning the fact that there are no pure races in question – most African-American females living on U.S. soil have already been dipped in the white genetic pool, and vice versa. That's why it can no longer be a matter of society regarding them as ugly women – features have already been mixed.

Also, in Fiji, it seems that ever since American programs have become televised, the percentage of girls that vomited to control their weight increased from only 3 to 15 percent. At least from this point of view the whole issue becomes outrageous.

At the end of the day, it seems that ugly men take it easier than ugly women - or, better said, women who consider themselves ugly for not being the Barbie dolls ton TV. There are less ugly men that resort to plastic surgery in order to obtain the body of their dreams, although numbers are soaring. The sad thing is they're struggling to achieve a kind of image that used to be associated to comic book heroes.

Also, the New York Times reported that for 51 years, an African woman was not crowned Miss World. It's quite a disturbing fact, especially considering that many Central and Southern African tribes generally regard bigger girls as beautiful. By Western standards, however, they would only be ugly women.Ugly menandugly womenmay be forsaken by the Western society from certain point of view, but essentially there will always be someone to consider them beautiful.

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