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Clear A3

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High Speed Full A3 Inferno Clear

Vestavia Hills Doctor Nominated to Board of Advisors for the CLEAR Institute For Scoliosis Correctio

May 11, 2010 - Dr. Mark N. Berry of Vestavia Hills has been certified in the CLEAR Institute method for correcting scoliosis. This new treatment method is a ground-breaking blend of techniques and therapies developed to reduce or correct scoliosis in all ages. Dr. Berry successfully completed the post-graduate training, under Dr. Dennis Woggon, founder and director of the Clear Institute. This institute specializes in developing alternative methods for treating scoliosis. Dr. Berry has been nominated to the CLEAR-institute Board of Advisors because of his demonstrated competence of correcting these problems.

Dr. Berry will head up multiple committees regarding CLEAR Institute’s development and research. The CLEAR institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and development of procedures to reduce and/or correct scoliosis without the use of braces or surgery.

Scoliosis is a disease of the neuro-muscular skeletal system that causes a severe curvature of the spine, usually accompanied by forward head posture, head tilt, uneven shoulders and an unleveling of the hips. Scoliosis is prevalent in at least 4.5% of children and may increase to 25% – 30% as the population ages. Scoliosis is more than a cosmetic issue or a badly curved back. Studies have shown the life expectancy in scoliosis patients left untreated is decreased by 14 years. Scoliosis is also associated with shortness of breath, digestive problems, headaches, hip, knee, and leg pain. Traditional methods for treating scoliosis are observation, bracing and surgery. Studies have shown the treatment methods used to treat scoliosis have little success.

Dr. Berry says, “We have finally developed a promising protocol of care for treatment of scoliosis patients that provides hope and possibly a solution to this physically debilitating disease.”

For more information, contact Dr. Mark N. Berry at 205-533-8972 or

1442 Hwy 31 Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

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