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Dia Long


Financing Long Term Care: What Are My Options?

Many people might be aware how drastic long term care is and how it can drags them to impoverishment once they are face-to-face with the problem. The overwhelming costs of care in the United States, which averaged to $80,000 in 2010, can instantly drain one’s lifetime savings and assets, leaving both financial and emotional hardship to the families and loved ones.

When you realize the need for long term care, the most excruciating question would be “How will I pay for those expenses?” If you are earning measly wage, or your assets are not enough to cover at least a month stay in nursing facility, you could appeal to Medicaid or Medicare for assistance. Nevertheless, don’t expect either program will cover everything – from medicines to hospitalization. Neither Medicare nor Medicaid provides only short-term coverage for nursing home care; thus, both are not sound and efficient financial plan for long term care.

Long Term Care Plans

Early planning is one factor to the success when dealing with long term care. The majority of Americans are in denial that they would require LTC services at some point of their lives maybe due to mere frailty, chronic illness, or degenerative disorder. Before you hit retirement years, you must be fully equipped and prepared to lessen the anxieties that could distraught not just you, but your loved ones as well. The odds along the way can be ripped off once you put your thinking cap on.

What are my options?

The majority of Americans rely on Medicare and Medicare for assistance, according to studies and surveys. They’ve waited for years only to realize that Medicare will pay the first 100 days after the required hospital stay, and follows strict limitations regarding care and administration. The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) monitors the individuals qualified under Medicare’s continued care, and is entitled to terminate anyone who is deemed unworthy of continued coverage.

The Medicaid program, on the other hand, provides help only to poor individuals and families who ran out of financial help. The middle to high-income earners are not encouraged to depend on Medicaid program because this could be the worst financial step they will ever take. This includes intricate eligibility requirements that applicants must met in order to receive Medicaid benefits. The biggest risk involved is the spend-down requirement; you must cut your total earnings to $2000, which means meager savings for your children, spouse, and loved ones.

Nowadays, the market for long term care insurance has been growing extensively. Thanks to the government and various support groups who have educated the public about the risks they could face when they are left unprepared. These days, many insurance companies offer flexible policies that consumers can customized according to their requirements and budget. Consumers can buy coverage for as low as $50 to maximum of $500 on daily benefits. Everything—benefit amount, benefit period, inflation protection, and riders—can be custom-fit to make the premiums more affordable. Before buying LTC policy, however, you must determine what your needs are and your financial stance.

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