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Dia Piece

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Leo BROUWER - Un Dia de Noviembre

Mobile Push-button Control Can End Up Being Dictating To The People Not In Your Own Home Appliances Quick Light Display Projector Manu

Phone Remote control, people don't have to order regarding appliances in the home

is actually Fair show live in the home yesterday to see the barracks, the new smart appliances especially eye-openerner

The foot straight down, the floor screen in the "water" immediately rippled "smart" instead of shying species of fish will cover; people in the outdoors, loved ones

TV, Drapes, hot water heater...... a mobile phone can be a full universal remote; reached the international high level technical amount of household normal water purification machines, eye simply 0. 0001 micron membrane filter, allowing you to rest assured that the healthy refreshing drink straight h2o. Yesterday evening, this media reporter visited the next China (Hefei) International Household Devices Fair exhibit hall was found, cleverness, new,

Power Highlights three kinds of environmental defense appliances eye-opener.

Mobile remote control all appliances for the home

In the "Dia U. S. intelligence

Home Encounter room inches, the staff is assembling a property theater. According to the staff, the common family in installing the intelligent handheld remote control system, people maybe not in the home, but also through mobile phones, handy remote control home lighting effects, television, refrigerator,

Air-con, Hot water heater, gas stove, and curtains. People in the home, also with a "remote control", get a grip on all appliances for the home. "Smart home system can bring the impression of house, imagine: one to enter your house through the night, internal lights, the more warmth; cold weather, entered the space, early on head start to send the actual air-conditioning warming, the more warmth ah! "

It is understood that, generally, a location of approximately 100 square meters to meet the property needs of the system, industry price for the 3 to 50, 000 yuan. Currently, the system has been gradually developed coastal area popular still in our province, Hefei and even promote the first stage.

Home maybe not scare fish into the ground

The Anda Electric Exhibition spot, a projection screen create on the floor, h2o waves, sea food Sahuan, it is truly realistic. When a reporter under the guidance of the staff, 1 foot stepping on the screen, noticed feet of "water" yet again in the layers regarding ripples, "water" and red goldfish, in the "frightened" just after the several downstream mass, in the same way Virtual the same. Based on reports, the screen has the capacity to produce practical results together with human conversation, mysteries are hung above the heads of the infrared camera. When your body in touch with the screen, the display screen below the actual set level of thousands of elements, once the signal through the feedback infrared camera to the computer, then in accordance with the instruction set pc, the display screen appears a corresponding change in time to it feels like people are really scared of their own goldfish general.

Angle spherical screen which may be read

Square-shaped TV screen small wonder, are you able to ever observed an arc spherical display it? Inside Anda electric exhibition location, hanging in a huge bent screen and a huge basketball screen. Personnel told reporters, curved little bit of screen about {6} meters and 3 metres wide, this isn't the most powerful, if necessary, they could also produce a 360? round screen. As the more eccentric spherical display named "

Digital Outside the pitch "and it is diameter of just one. {5} meters, weighs in at 23 hundred or so pounds, in the same time how many projector mild, people ranking around the idea any perspective, can easily see exactly the same real.

In accordance with reports, this local electronic enterprises inside Hefei possesses undertaken the National Science and Technology Museum of Tiongkok, Wuxi Museum as well as other famous museums, the actual construction of tasks related to electronics, that they manufactured a variety of "very strange" projection display, or are becoming The science and technology museum's "facade signs" of it!

Pure water taken from plain tap water

Power exhibition within Rongshida, the actual reporter saw a amount of pipe and a rough variety, such as

Dimensions of 100 metal box that though that they look significantly, no tiny ability. "This is our new family home water filter equipment, one is ultrafiltration Brought water mains, one is the water purifier. " Rongshida the scene informed reporters that the water refinement equipment to reach the international most advanced physical blocking technology, the particular treated water could be much like high-grade pure water, straight to the normal water standard set by the state. Among them, the particular core technology of RO water purifier may be the reverse osmosis membrane layer under counter carbon water filters in the physical world, top-ion stage separation machines, its diameter is just 0. 0001 micron, the equivalent of one ten thousandth involving hair 85, 4000 germs per one particular, 200 virus-like one. Drinking water through the filter, will simply allow h2o molecules and beneficial vitamin elements through.

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