Lexan Polycarbonate

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Lexan Polycarbonate

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Lexan (Polycarbonate) VS .22 Airgun

The Gift of Water

The Gift of Water


We all know that water is
important to the proper functioning of the human body, but why? What is it
about water that makes it critical for good health?


Function of water in the human body

The majority of our body weight
comes from water. It is a crucial component in our blood, organs (including
the brain), muscles, bones, and skin. Water is necessary to keep our blood,
urine and milk fluid, our eyes lubricated, and our joints cushioned. Cells
cannot exist without water - it is needed for cellular functions such as
oxygen, energy and waste transport.


Importance of Hydration to Good Health

Avoid dehydration to maintain
good health and proper body function. The amount of water your body requires
will vary from person to person, depending on metabolism, illnesses,
pregnancy, exercise, and environment. Felling thirsty or having a dry mouth is
not always a good indicator of dehydration because those responses are
triggered only after dehydration has set in. Furthermore many adults have
conditioned themselves to suppress these responses due to work or family
demands. It is a better idea to keep a water bottle handy and to get into the
habit of rehydrating regularly, rather than waiting for symptoms of
dehydration to appear. The accepted guideline for daily water consumption is


Signs of Dehydration

Excessive thirst



Dry mouth

Little or no urination

Muscle weakness



Separating Hype from Advice

            There are many unscrupulous companies
advertising health benefits of their water filtration products beyond what one
would normally expect from a water purifier - such as being a cure for heart
disease or cancer. The bottom line is that responsible water filter
manufacturers will build a product that cleans and purifies the water - the rest
is up to you.


Giving the Gift of Water

Now available from Advanced Water
Filters - the

Tap Master Artesian™
Advanced Remineralizing Reverse Osmosis System. Now you
can have pH balanced Mineral Water on Tap™. Water from this premium American
made system will taste better than water from standard reverse osmosis systems
because of the addition of natural calcium and magnesium to the purified water.
The Tap Master Artesian uses the latest water purification technology to purify
the water then adds artesian stages where natural minerals are added to the
highly purified water. The result is delicious pH balanced Mineral Water on Tap™
for all your drinking and cooking needs.

SPECIAL OFFER - With every Tap
Master Artesian purchase you will receive a FREE 32oz. lexan water bottle so
that you or your loved ones can take your Mineral Water on Tap™ wherever you
choose. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. Visit

for details.



*Always consult your
physician before altering your diet or physical fitness regimen.




The water wizards at AWF contine to bring you straight information and the best products.

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