Mirror Acrylic

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Acrylic necklaces...? plz help!

Um I really like Kiki's jewlery the thing is it's too expensive for me cuz I'm 13 so I cant afford it... idk if hers is acrylic but I like them acrylic or mirrored acrylic and I was wondering if anyone knew a place that had like mirrored acrylic or acrylic necklaces kinda like kiki's... I checked out etsy and I found a few people on there but I want to no about maybe any actual stores that have them.. checked out claires, icing, hottopic, rue21, forever 21 and they had NOTHING like what I was looking for??? so plz help!

Best Answer...


well you can get a lot from ebay:



or you could try your mall and just look around xx

hope i helped xx