Perspex Cut

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kayak storage buoyancy area what do i need plastic kayak?

hi i want to seal off the area behind my seat to create a dry storage buoyancy area as theres a hatch above it i was thinking of using either rubber sheet or perspex cut to the size of the hole and then seal up with marine sealant i have the marine sealant already just not sure what to use to block off the gap and if the marine sealant would do the job anyone have any experience in this field would be great and the kayak is plastic by the way thanks in advance

Best Answer...


Most kayak builders use minicel foam (a solid, stiff closed-cell foam product that comes in multiple thicknesses -- 3" is the most often used for bulkhead walls.) Problem with perspex is it doesn't flex or compress (all kayaks flex slightly in the water) and will tend to separate from the hull seal with use. Rubber sheeting is too flimsy.

Here is a thread on a kayak-builders forum that discusses the process. There are other such threads on there on that kayak forum. Some of the most respected builders in the world contribute so it is a great resource: