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Frequently Asked Questions...

why does my fish keep dying?

Ok so i have a plastic 500 gallon tank ( those kiddie pools ), anyways the pool has been filled with water for a while now. Actually long enouph for algae to grow and mosquito larvae is present. I scraped the bottom of the tank and i found this brown (crap looking) residue and inside of it were these red worms. Anyways i bout a 100 gallon air pump and put it into the kiddie pool with a second attached bubble pad. i didnt like that the water was very green so i drained most of it and put in fresh new water. enouph that i can see the bottome clearly. i put in1 gold fish and 4 bottom feeders. the next morning the fis were all floating... so i used the PH, nitrite, nitrate testers and the only thing that seems to be a bit too high was the ph (it was a bit on the alkalinic side) but every thing else was idead/normal. What the heck went wrong????

Best Answer...


Those plastic pools have chemicals that poison fish.
Also you need a filter for your fish, and cycled tank,
Better to get a tank specifically made for fish. Bottom
feeders need a heater, They are not cold water fish.