Roof Flashing

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Would like to know if a repair collar is available for a vent pipe roof flashing?

My vent pipe flashings are leaking due to cracking of the rubber donut which slips over the pvc vent pipe. The metal flashings are fine, only a couple years old, but the rubber is badly deteriorated. A web search mentioned that a repair collar is made to slip over the vent pipe so that you do not have to tear up the shingles to replace the entire metal unit. I have checked with plumbing supply houses but no one has heard of it. Does anyone know the manufacturers name of this repair collar or where I could buy it.

Best Answer...


Buy a new aluminum vent cap at your local home center. Cut off the square part so it is round. Put flashing caulk on the old riser part of the flashing and slide the new one over the whole thing. Use tin sheers and cut about 1/2 inch off the bottom of the new riser. The flashing caulk will hold the new riser down .