Sheet 1500

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Sheet 1500

Frequently Asked Questions...

MS excel - 2 sheets of 1500 names and 50 names (part of 1500). How to spot 50 from the first sheet of 1500?

i have 2 MS excel sheets. One is having 1500 companies and other 50 companies (important that these 50 companies are part of 1500) . Every day the share prices of 1500 companies will change. i want to submit 2 sheets (1500 and 50) to my management daily. No issues with 1500 excel sheet as i directly get that, but is there any option/formula to get other 50 companies from the first 1500 companies sheet directly???

Please help me


Best Answer...


Vlookup will let you use the company name from the 50-company spreadsheet to look up the corresponding company on the 1500-company spreadsheet. It might be easier if you had a company ID for the lookup.

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