Sheet 3mm

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Sheet 3mm


Frequently Asked Questions...

cutting 3mm perspex sheet?

is it easy to cut a perspex sheet (3mm thick) with a jigsaw
i am fitting a cat flap
is there a special cutting blade for the jigsaw ?

Best Answer...


OPTION 1. if you can buy a plastic scorching tool - this will work just fine, blades from electric saws ( jigsaw / circular saw ) tend to heat the plastic making it difficult to cut unless the blade is set directly on top skimming the surface with one or two passes.
If it were me: I would first put a 3 in. masking tape along my cutting line and I would re-pencil my cut line. I could match up my circular saw blade to my cut line, and set my straight edge guiding board on the left side of my saw I could clamp my guiding straight board, and then i would move my saw down to the other end with the blade guard raised so i can see my cut line to set my straight edge again and clamp that side down also. I would adjust my blade level to cut through at least half of the thickness of my piece, and then lower the blade just a bit more to run the second pass, this will give you a nice smooth clean cut edge.

OPTION 2. To make this easier for you I suggest you use a scorching blade : from your local home depot or lowes, or maybe your local hardware just use a straight level to guide your straight lines; if you have a flat metal bar this will work better, you can clamp it down and won't have to hold it by hand.while you scorch your plstic --If you decide to just hold a straight edge by hand then make your first 5-8 score lines lightly with just 1-2 lbs. of pressure; this will create a grooved guide line for you so that the blade will not jump out of line and just keep following that groove line scoring with about 10 lbs of pressure when it gets thin enough you can hang it over a table edge and just bend-snap the piece. you can always sand down the the edges starting with 80 grit sand paper for smootheness.

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