Sheet Plastic

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Sheet Plastic


Great Innovations For The World

What is a common feature between laptop computer bags, hair loss products, skin care treatment? The common feature is plastic. Plastic is extracted out of petroleum. Petroleum is extracted from the earth and taken to a refinery. The crude oil is refined into gasoline, LPG, ethane, butane, propane, naphthalene, tar, grease and other products.

Then ethane and propane are cracked to make ethylene and propylene at 3000 degrees. Then fluff is made by adding a catalyst to the cracked products to make a powdery substance which resembles detergent powder. This fluff is then added with other substances and blended constantly. This makes it into a polymer which when fed through the extruder melts.

This melted plastic is cooled while making pellets in a pelletizer. These pellets are the plastic, which is shipped to the customers. The customers then mould the plastic through various processes of moulding by injection, blowing and extrusion. Plastic is considered as the greatest innovation of the 20th century and is used in all aspects of life.

As plastic is used because it is so flexible, mouldable into any desired shapes like packets and bottles, as it does not rot, rust or break and is light it is reduces transportation cost. Plastic is used because it is it is believed that it saves an ecosystem from destruction, sand comes from the intertidal zones of the beaches which are rich in its flora and fauna.

Efforts are being made to even make televisions of plastic which would fold up like a screen from plastic. In spite of all the benefits of plastic why is its use opposed?This is because it is one major toxic pollutant besides sewage and industrial wastes. It is non-biodegradable and toxic; it remains in the environment for more than 700 years.

There is no way to dispose plastic waste in a safe manner and it also causes damage to the environment at its production and disposal. Therefore the only way to deal with plastic is to reduce its production and wean ourselves of our dependence in it.

Unless a plastic-eating bacteria is made like we have oil-slick eating bacteria. Since the onset of the manufacturing process, carcinogens like Vinyl chloride and benzene besides other chemicals are used like certain gases and hydrocarbons, which violate the atmosphere and the earth. Not only this, they slowly degrade even when food and drinks are contained in them and pollute and sicken our bodies. Reasons enough to avoid them.

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