Thick Perspex

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What material should i make a CD stand from?


I''ve taken graphics technology for my year 10 and year 11 studies. I'm just going into year 11 now, and over the summer holidays i've been asked to complete objectives (coursework) 1,2, + 3. I've got to say what my CD stand will be made from, i thought plastic, but i need to know what type of plastic. I've seen past year 11 examples, but i don't know what the actual name for the plastic is. Because its the summer hols i cant really ask my teacher, and my friends don't know. So if anyone knows, or has taken graphics at school, can you please tell me?

If not, what other material should i use to make a well presentable, sturdy and proffesional CD stand?

I'm in the UK if that helps.
EDIT: The school are getting the materials later on in year 11.
EDIT: What is the NAME of the plastic? thanks

Best Answer...


Try thick perspex,easily available but a bit pricey though.