Tint Acrylic

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Tint Acrylic

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Parex USA Acrylic Product Pail Tinting

Kia Kue Ramps Up NAIAS

Auto and car shows like the North American International Auto Show (or also commonly called as NAIAS) have become the channels and avenues for car manufacturers to show off the best of their wares. If you are going to be part of that show, you would most likely be blinded by the glimmering vehicles clad in all their parts – like GMC parts, Ford parts, and Jeep parts. It is also the time when you are going to see the newest and the coolest vehicles you could ever find the market.

During the 2007 NAIAS, Kia Motors America (KMA) deemed that it would be the best time for them to unveil one of their newest concept vehicles. Kia proudly calls their new concept the Kia Kue and it has been created to be a crossover concept car. Len Hunt, the chief and executive vice president of KMA says, "We've instilled confidence and integrity in our consumer base with vehicles that provide value, quality, and safety. Kue embodies the next phase of our brand evolution, which will instill pride and passion in our customers through great design."

The company also does continue to say that the Kia Kue is going to be one unique concept crossover. Drivers of the vehicle would be able to experience a different kind of feel while also basking in the awesome appeal of being able to hail much cargo. It uses a moncooque platform plus it also has a wheel base that measures more than 114 inches. With that, one can truly say that the Kia Kue has got not only appeal but also functionality and practicality. Space is surely something that the vehicle can afford to give in excess. Aside from this, the Kia Kue would be rolling on tires that measure some twenty two inches.

If this vehicle is soon going to be a production vehicle, Kia Motors has been hinting that perhaps soon enough in the near future, this crossover concept would be created and produced as a production vehicle. The design of the Kia Kue has also been deemed to be yet another milestone for the company and could be the base for future vehicles from the company. On this, Tom Kearns, the chief designer of the auto brand, says, "Good design shouldn't look like you are trying too hard. The future Kia direction will incorporate the 'less is more' philosophy but still include a heavy dose of boldness to be distinct."

Taking a quick tour in the interior of the Kia Kue, one would find the cabin to be clean yet having a tint of sportiness. It can quite graciously take in four passengers and seat then on custom-built bucket seats. The driver would also be having a grand time at its interface that has the best kind of technology you can find in the market. Passengers can also program the entire system of the Kia Kue so as to suit their whims and wants.For more about Kia parts andGMC partscheck out thePartsBin

Corey Putton is a 28-year old bachelor from Pittsburgh, PA who has been around cars for the better part of his life. He now works online and writes all about his passion: cars. He is also a certified mechanic.

Article Source: http://www.simplysearch4it.com/article/47983.html
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