Tint Perspex

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Tint Perspex

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Laser engraving and cutting 3mm blue tinted acrylic

Home Window Tint That Will Protect You And Your Family

Today’s homes are built with an abundance of glass. Modern trends include panoramic views with floor to ceiling windows in every room. Unfortunately, the negative effects of the sun and decreased security are a counterbalance to the beauty provided by large home windows. Imagine increasing privacy and safety, insulation and energy efficiency, glare control and ultraviolet protection, all in one product. Home window tinting provides total protection for your home and is the best investment you can make to add value and protect your home. An attractive addition to any house, home window tinting improves comfort by controlling heat, glare, fade, and privacy problems related to residential windows without blocking the view.

Glass opens homes and brings the outdoors into our lives, giving us great views and a sense of space and freedom. However, unprotected glass has issues that need to be addressed to provide protection and privacy as well as picturesque views. Large windows increase the amount of solar energy entering our homes, increasing the interior temperatures. A Home window tint can reduce the room temperature by as much as 15 degrees. This makes your home environment more comfortable and reduces the need for air conditioning, which saves you money, energy and replacement costs. In the winter home window tinting has the opposite effect, forming a barrier that prevents heat transmission to outside.

The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun damage the interiors of our homes causing fading and cracking of furniture, carpets, woodwork, floors etc. A Home window tint reduces the damaging ultraviolet rays entering your home by up to 99%, prolonging the life of your homes contents. Glare is another factor present in homes with large windows making it difficult to read, watch TV or work on a computer. Home window tinting allows families to enjoy their time at home by reducing the glare entering rooms by up to 85%.

Considering all the benefits provided by home window tinting versus the cost involved, you will soon realise that this is the best home investment you can make.


• Defend the health and comfort of you and your family.

• Protect the interior of your house.

• Improve finances by conserving energy.

• Guard your privacy.

• Make your home more attractive.

Source: http://tintedwindow.co.za/home-window-tinting.html

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