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White Sheet

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Christopher Martin - White Sheets [Sweet Sounds Riddim] Aug 2012


Romney loaded up with Bush foreign policy advisers; Let us pause to remember. (crooksandliars)

I've always looked at my role in politics as that of "historian". In fact, the
subtitle of my blog "Mugsy's Rap Sheet" is _"Recording History for Those Who
Seek to Rewrite it."_ Republicans have more than a bad habit of rewriting and
white-washing history. Heck, the man Republicans have elevated to near
sainthood... St. Ronnie... bears no resemblance to the man we knew as "Ronald
Reagan" (I refer you to the book "Tear Down This Myth" for a detailed
comparison.) And you'd _THINK_ that since the invention of videotape, these
numbnuts would stop thinking they can just make wild claims about The Bush
Legacy without somebody calling them on it.

Back during the 2008 Presidential campaign, I couldn't help but notice how
frequently & easily the Republican candidates (including Mitt Romney) would
rewrite the history of how we ended up going to war with Iraq in order to
paint Bush as less culpable. One of the most disturbing arguments was that we
were FORCED to invade Iraq after "Saddam refused to allow the weapons
inspectors back in", which I KNEW was a load of... eh, rubbish (this is a
family site). So I dug through ...


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